Corduroy The World’s Oldest Living Cat Is Still Pouncing Around


2016-09-14-20-18-50Corduroy, an adorable and handsome 1/2 Maine Coon cat, was born on August 1, 1989 in Central Oregon, which makes him over 27 years old now. He was adopted by Ashley’s family when he was a kitten and she was a young child. Having grown up together, they have been inseparable ever since.

Corduroy first made the guiness world records, as the oldest living cat, in 2014 and reclaimed the title, in May 2016, after the new title-holder Scooter, a 30 year old siamese cat, died. A healthy and active cat, Corduroy is still going strong!

Ashley believes Corduroy’s longevity is due to he’s an indoor/outdoor cat and has his claws, as having hunted outdoors for most of his life has benefited both his physical and mental health. He and his littermate, Batman, who he was close to, used to go hunting together until Batman died at 19. They would hunt in the day and always come back every night. Corduroy still takes daily walks and hunts but isn’t as successful a hunter as he once was, which Ashley is thankfully glad not to see some of those gifts he brings back.

You may be wondering how Corduroy stays healthy. For the past few years, he has been on a low protein diet for his kidney health. He eats Hills prescription diet k/d renal health dry food, as well as canned pates and stews. His favorite flavor is chicken. Prior to the change in diet,  he was on a high protein diet with mainly dry food and whatever he caught outside.

Here’s seven kitty facts Corduroy would like you to know:

  1. 5:45 am is the best time to jump up on the bed and meow at my humans – to get their undivided attention for petting and snuggling sessions, of course!
  2. I like to keep the humans guessing by taking catnaps in alternating locations – so they have to look around to find and pet me!
  3. I have my own glass to drink out of – thanks to drinking far too many times out of my human’s glasses!
  4. I sit by the door and meow loudly, giving my best “pet me eyes”, so I can be let out to go explore the outdoors – it works every time!
  5. When I want to come back inside, I meow loudly and scratch on the door or flash my “pet me eyes” while sitting in a window – may as well as repeat what I know works!
  6. I sit quietly under the dinner table, while the humans are eating, eagerly waiting for a hand offering a piece of human food – which I quickly grab before the hand gets a chance to slip away!
  7. My claws sure are wonderful tools to have – especially when I dig into the tree bark outside to sharpen them and get in a good stretch too!


Corduroy may now be an older and wiser cat, but he remains young when it comes to an adventure in the great outdoors to keep up his hunting skills.

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Update: Corduroy has been missing since October 9, 2016. It is presumed he has crossed the rainbow bridge but you cannot give up hope because miracles do happen. In Kitty’s case, she was lost for over 3 months, surviving outdoors in extreme winter conditions with a severe injury. We will miss you sweet Corduroy!