Tiny Kat The Feisty Little Lady Cat



Tiny Kat Instagram
Photo via Tiny Kat Instagram


Tiny Kat was only a few weeks old kitten when she was found abandoned and all alone in the rain, covered with mud, back in Septamber 2014. Her owner Michaela brought her home, cleaned her up, and she’s been part of the family ever since, which includes other cats and dogs, who were rescued like her. She sometimes even acts like a dog thanks to her canine teachers!

Her breed, as far as her owner knows, is a long hair domestic cat with possibly a little persian. A beautiful feisty lady cat that you surely will like and want to know more!

Tiny Kat’s favorite place is in the kitchen. Wonder why? For a wide variety of food that she is always hungry for, of course. A pint sized girl with a ferocious appetite!

Here’s five kitty facts Tiny Kat would like you to know:

  1. I like to play a lot, especially with my tiny catnip mice toys!
  2. I hide when I sleep so do not disturb if you find me!
  3. I don’t like to be brushed – keep that pokey brush away!
  4. I prefer human food over cat food – it looks and tastes much better!
  5. I’m not scared of anything but don’t gather too many people around me or I’ll make a quick exit!
Photo via Tiny Kat Instagram
Photo via Tiny Kat Instagram


Tiny Kat may be small but she sure stands tall in everyone’s hearts!

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