Oreo The Tabby A Friendly Playful Cat



Oreo, born on January 14, 2016, was a 6 week old kitten when his family adopted him. He settled in very easily into their house and instantly made the place his home.

His owner says Oreo is a super friendly cat who is very talkative and always ready for cuddles. He loves to go outside and play with his friends.

Here are five kitty facts Oreo would like you to know:

  1. I explore the neighborhood with my local cat squad – we know what goes on!
  2. I love to be stroked but I really love it more when my chin is tickled!
  3. I go crazy running after my laser pointer toy – one day for sure I’ll catch that silly red dot!
  4. At night I watch tv with the family in my spot on the couch – so please don’t take it!
  5. My favorite places to cosy up are in blankets and on those furry cushions on the sofa!


Oreo will definitely win you over with his friendly, playful personality!

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