What Kind Of Trip Would Be Suitable For Kitty If Were To Take One


After reading in the paper about some sailor guy going to take a solo trip around the world, in his sail boat, it got me thinking. Why would anyone want to take such a risky trip, in the middle of the ocean, in a tiny sailboat and never leaving the water, for any stopovers, the whole time?

I imagined Kitty and I on a boat like that and quickly decided it was a no go for a number of obvious reasons. She doesn’t like water and that would look like the biggest, endless, rippling bathtub she ever seen, not to mention the stormy weather with all the flash and noise, that we would surely face, would frighten her considerably, me too. And if both can’t swim who could save each other if fell overboard. Now that has to be the scariest trip ever imagined for a cat or human. Good luck to Mr. Sailor and maybe he should think twice. Kitty and I will pass on that one.


Next I thought about a deserted island getaway. Okay it involves a little bit of the scenario one ocean trip, which was a no go, where would need some kind of boat to get there and probably a noisy long plane ride as well. Fending for yourself, with a cat in tow, to build a shelter, find food etc, is not a small feat.

Sure, it would be relaxing and quiet for most of the time until the stormy weather hits and we both will be shaking in our water-filled shelter, if built in time. And if there were rats on the island, I’m not sure I could count on a cat pampered with ready made food. Would she actually go chase one down let alone hundreds of them roaming around which would be scary enough, and there would be little time for sleep as we both would need an eye open all night long.

Even if the island came with some amenities, the traveling over the ocean part to get there wouldn’t be fun for her, or me. Also, the hurricane-like weather is always a possibility to have to consider, makes this trip a no go either.


Okay then how about a road trip through the mountains with some stops along the way? This one sounds more ideal but would be a long car ride where she is confined. For a cat who gets scared seeing her carrier, as that usually meant a trip to the vet or somewhere unsure of, it might remind her of the time she was taken on a bus ride to a unknown home by a strange lady, scared off by the strange lady’s bully cat, and ended up getting lost and injured in trying to find her way back home. She may get confused and stressed out about where she is being taken.

As it is she never ventures past the front door, other than to get some fresh air and check outside, as does have a little fear of the outdoors, and I too for her, because of that very bad experience. On top of that who could trust her on the side of a road, especially without a leash, as we take a rest stop to take in the scenery, as one loud noise and she would be scrambling away into the horizon to hide somewhere, and I would be spending the rest of the trip looking and coaxing her out, if found.

Maybe Kitty and I will just do an indoor camping trip at home, grill some chicken over the stove, play with her toys, have a few laughs and think this over more. Afterall why shake a content cat’s tree when she definitely would pick home as the place she would rather be.