10 Years Ago Today A Lost Scared Cat Was Miraculously Found


2016-11-29-13-54-48Today is a special day for Kitty. Ten years ago, she was found by good samaritans, severely injured in their yard, after being lost miles away from home for over 3 months. They immediately took her to a nearby animal hospital which saved her life and, thanks to a microchip, reunited her with her owner. Where she was found was only a few doors away from home, that’s how close and amazing her journey was, considering she was lost on the other side of the river and on top was a timid, scaredy cat. She bravely survived in finding her way home, with a near-fatal injury, as she clung to life. A miracle that happened less than a month before Christmas, during a week with especially freezing cold temperatures and lots of snow.

If you don’t believe in miracles, she is living proof of one! Just out of sheer determination and hope, she achieved where many lost pets unfortunately have failed. How she did it, only she knows for sure. I do think though that it helped her to survive those months outdoors because of her scared and less trusting nature. She for sure would have hid in avoiding both humans and animals. The only reason someone was able to catch her at all was due to a severe injury she was weak from and thankfully they did, as I don’t want to imagine what her condition would have been if she did make it to the doorstep of her home.

Kitty has always been an indoor cat, so that would have been a very difficult journey, which makes it even more incredible, but she is intelligent and has traits that are a combination of cat, human and dog. Not a simple-minded cat that’s for sure!

To celebrate her day, today she is getting extras of her favorites, chicken and treats, plus lots of love and playtime with her toys, before she relaxes in her favorite comfy chair. I think that is all she really wants anyway.

Since Kitty has an exceptional story, that is important to share, there is a book in progress that is being crowdfunded for its release. It would honor her and give hope to those who have lost pets or to anyone who could use some uplifting. Not only that, it would bring awareness for the importance of microchipping and in helping homeless pets. A portion of future sales of the book will go towards this purpose.

If you would like to give a gift to Kitty to celebrate her amazing survival and life, please contact us here www.scaredykitty.com/contact so her book can be released.

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Thank you kindly friends,

Anita & Kitty

When hope is all you have…sometimes is all you need. ❤


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