Kitty Trying Some Organic Greens – Find Out If It Was A Hit Or Miss


2016-08-26-22-05-49i have attempted numerous times with various fresh raw vegetables suitable for cats, like broccoli, to see if Kitty might like it. She sniffs at it and then turns her nose, walks away. That is the extent of her vegetable eating attempts . So thankfully in her dry cat food, some vegetables and fruits are processed in it and she loves her natural dry food.

Most cats though do take to grass, and I have caught her nibbling on a plant before. Since she is a finicky eater, I don’t worry that she will eat something wrong not good for her, because she herself won’t.

While I was in the pet store, buying litter, they had a special where, with the purchase of the litter brand I use for her, they were including a bag of organic self-grow pet grass greens. It was mixed with certfied organic oat , rye and barley. Supposedly you just plant the seeds in the bag which is packed with dirt, water it and within a week it grows. Well I thought okay this looks easy enough and on top it’s free, so why not try it and see if Kitty might like it.

Here’s the video showing the results:

The self-explanatory video says it all!