When Hope Is All You Have – Kitty’s Miracle Story


img_20161101_112245Where has the time gone? It’s already the 10th anniversary coming up, at the end of November, since the day Kitty was found by good samaritans, after being lost for over 3 months. I am so thankful that they saved her life by immediately taking her to an animal hospital. I have been making plans for her for this special day, including announcing a project that has been in the works for sometime now, but recently there’s been a big damper over the joyful occasion due to a major conflict with my sister, making it a very stressful and difficult time for me.

I removed Kitty from my sister’s home a couple weeks ago, as was the final straw, and she is now living with me. You may be wondering if I am her owner why she was still living in my sister’s house since she was the one who gave her away, to the lady with the mean cat, which caused her to get lost and injured in the first place.

For me to explain this further, is going to make my sister look bad, even though she has been loving to Kitty otherwise. When I brought her back from the animal hospital, all bandaged up, my sister didn’t act like she wanted her back as was right away complaining about having to deal with cat fur around and the work involved in daily taking care of her, not to mention she had an injury that was going to take many months to heal after a failed surgery. I could not take her at that time because my husband didn’t want any pets in our home. To please both, I said I would take full responsibility for Kitty, so she could remain in my sister’s house, and I would daily go there to take care of her, which I have been doing for the last 10 years since the day she was found. I didn’t want to uproot her either since she went through such an ordeal and is the home she was used to since 6 months old, that she almost lost her life to get back to. At the least, my sister owed her a roof for what had happened to her.

I always had the intention to have her live with me eventually but things happened and circumstances changed. I separated from my husband and eventually moved back with my family to get back on my feet again, and this home is right next door to my sister’s which made it even more convenient to spend time and take care of Kitty. But my sister and I have different thinking and some things I just did not agree with for the environment for Kitty.

Without going into further detail about exactly the reasons and what happened for me to abruptly change the living situation for Kitty, I did so because I am her caregiver and felt that is the right thing to do for Kitty. I love her very much and want her living with me, which is what I have always wanted since the day she was found. (I spent the whole time she was missing feeling so helpless, with a sinking heart in the pit of my stomach, worrying if she was okay and if would ever be safely found).

My sister reacted very badly to the change for Kitty, including another family member in my home, both saying I stole the cat and even went so far as my sister contacting the humane society to claim this. How can someone steal a cat they own who they have lovingly been taking care of daily for the last 10 years? Yes I removed my cat from my sister’s home, but certainly didn’t steal her. And on top of that, this family member in my home is claiming they have a cat allergy but certainly had no problem visiting my sister’s home full of cat fur as she is lazy in regularly cleaning her home. That’s another thing, I was daily grooming Kitty and also had to clean around my sister’s home so Kitty can have a clean enough environment. Definitely the saying “no good deed goes unpunished” applies here.

Since Kitty gets scared easily and is sensitive, is not good for me to be stressed like this which I do not show to her but she may pick up some tensions in the home. Her adjustment has been very good besides the first day was scared especially due to that family member’s reaction in the home. So I have double the work, in gently easing Kitty to adjust in her new environment, which she has been doing amazingly well, and at the sametime doing extra work to accommodate the family member claiming the allergy and not liking the idea of her being here. I don’t know why Kitty is all of a sudden an alien to this person when always has been treated as a family member. I want to emphasize though that not any family member is being mean to Kitty, if anything she helps everyone to be calm and behave.

I feel like a mama bear on high alert protecting her cub. I’m hanging in there for Kitty’s sake and she makes whatever I’m up against all worth it. She means the world to me and everything I’m doing is for her benefit.

Kitty is definitely where she belongs, which is with me, and we both are happy together. I find she is getting more calmer in this environment than how it was in my sister’s home, always jumping at any noise running for the hills. But I have to speed up the plans now for our own place because my family is not being supportive, are petty about things, making it a stressful environment that I cannot feel free in. Given how much I have done for them over the years, especially my sister and her kids, is unbelievably selfish on their part.

Unfortunately cost of living is high in my area and I don’t want to get into a rental situation where they may not allow pets or require a large deposit for one. And if they change their policies, then would have to uproot her so prefer can move the one time by gathering a sufficient down payment to buy a condo or small house for us.

The plan has always been that I was going to write a book to share her incredible story, not only to show her determination and bravery, considering her timid and scared nature, but to give hope to those who have lost pets and to bring awareness about the importance of microchipping because that was the only thing that provided identification in locating her owner. The collar stuck deep under her arm did not have any identification so I can’t even imagine what would have happened to her if she did not have a microchip. Even the good samaritan thought the same after dropping her off at the animal hospital, as had a sleepless night over it, wondering what would happen to her as they didn’t see any identification and didn’t know she had a microchip either.

After Kitty almost dying because of the collar, I would never place one on her ever again, whether for identification or decorative reasons, do not believe in them period. These kind of situations where a pet gets lost usually happen due to human error and are preventable. It’s the ones that intentionally abandon pets on the curb of the road that I can’t even comprehend. I understand if they aren’t cut out to be pet parents because not everyone is, but if you take responsibility for one at the least find the pet a good home. So my goal is to share Kitty’s story and do my small part in bringing awareness to help lost and abandoned pets.

Kitty is such a sweet innocent cat, you can’t help but love her. She didn’t deserve what happened to her! All these years I have been trying to make that up to her even though was not my fault. I would love to give her a better life, because if any cat deserves one, it surely is her. I do though give her lots of love and care, try to make her feel safe and secure, and probably that’s all she really wants anyway.

This book about her miracle story is even more important now for me to get out, as has been delayed too long and she needs to be honored for all that she went through. There was even a couple of endearing articles in the local newspaper at the time about her, that I would also like to share in the book, one that was my side as the owner and the other of the good samaritans who found her. It was both sweet and touching, a must share in the book.

Writing a book can be costly and I do not have the spare funds for it, especially at this time when the living environment needs to be changed soon. I am crowdfunding to write the book because I need encouragement to finish it and it’s something I really want to do for her. I hope it will also be the stepping stone for us to have our own permanent place together as unfortunately need to be a distance away from my family, specifically my sister who just has been causing me one problem after another. I have been avoiding her at this time so I don’t know what else she has up her sleeve.

I do find that the stress levels in one way have been alleviated by not having to go to my sister’s place and by not communicating with her either. If she thinks she has a case, she can certainly take me to court which I know she wouldn’t win because she was the one who gave Kitty away, which almost caused her to lose her life, and would have given her away again if I didn’t step in and take full responsibility for her. It seems my sister wants a cat like an ornament, thinking it can look pretty and survive on its own with only love not the required daily care that you cannot delay or pass the duties onto someone else to do. She definitely is not a responsible pet owner as should be or why would I have had to step in 10 years ago if was.

I am humbly asking if anyone would like to support Kitty and I, in getting her book out, to please contact us here: www.scaredykitty.com/contact Even if cannot raise the full funds for the paper print of the book, at the least will be released in ebook form, and both if full funds are raised.

If you cannot help financially, which I fully understand, as money can be tight in these times but you could help us immensely by sharing on facebook or other social media sites to get the word out. Also, if you are on instagram and can get your friends to follow Kitty (www.instagram.com/scaredykitty), that would also help and be very gratefully appreciated. 🙂

When Kitty was lost, she and I both had hope that she would find her way home. When hope is all you have, sometimes is all you need. ❤

Thank you kindly from Kitty and I for any support you can give!

Kitty’s HuMom


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