Lexi The Smol Cat With A Big Personality


Lexi was a stray cat, only a few months old, when she was adopted by Jackie’s family and has been a loved member ever since. Now 10 plus years old, she’s still a spring chicken who is always ready to play and chase for her favorite treats.

With her easygoing nature, Lexi is the sweetest cat to have for a companion. She has the prettiest blue eyes, a racoon-like tail and the softest fur you would ever want to pet.

Here’s five kitty facts Lexi would like you to know:

  1.  I love whipped cream and ham – but not necessarily together!
  2.  I like to chase strings – any kind will do!
  3.  My favorite place to sleep is in the cabinet where the spare blankets are!
  4.  I like to race Jackie up the stairs – usually I win but sometimes I let her!
  5.  I keep Jackie’s seat warm while she’s away – to make sure no one takes her spot!


Lexi may be a small cat but she sure has a big personality that will win you over!

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