How Vets And Animal Care System Failed Kitty Putting Her Life At Risk

Back in January, Kitty was diagnosed with chronic triaditis from an ultrasound – which could not be confirmed without a biopsy. She had been doing good for months with the changes I made for her health and diet, as had infrequent episodes which were managed.

Then the pandemic came and there were shutdowns around. We were being told to stay home as much as possible, to control the spread of the coronavirus, which meant a new way of doing things – even going to the vet.

This was fine by me because I had sweet Kitty for company and my focus was keeping her healthy. In times like these, I especially appreciated having Kitty with me.

Then late May she had a vomiting episode. These

10 Years Ago Today A Lost Scared Cat Was Miraculously Found

2016-11-29-13-54-48Today is a special day for Kitty. Ten years ago, she was found by good samaritans, severely injured in their yard, after being lost miles away from home for over 3 months. They immediately took her to a nearby animal hospital which saved her life and, thanks to a microchip, reunited her with her owner. Where she was found was only a few doors away from home, that’s how close and amazing her journey was, considering she was lost on the other side of the river and on top was a timid, scaredy cat. She bravely survived in finding her way home, with a near-fatal injury, as she clung to life. A miracle that happened less than a month before Christmas, during a week with especially freezing

When Hope Is All You Have – Kitty’s Miracle Story

img_20161101_112245Where has the time gone? It’s already the 10th anniversary coming up, at the end of November, since the day Kitty was found by good samaritans, after being lost for over 3 months. I am so thankful that they saved her life by immediately taking her to an animal hospital. I have been making plans for her for this special day, including announcing a project that has been in the works for sometime now, but recently there’s been a big damper over the joyful occasion due to a major conflict with my sister, making it a very stressful and difficult time for me.

I removed Kitty from my sister’s home a couple weeks ago, as was the final straw, and she is now living with me.

Corduroy The World’s Oldest Living Cat Is Still Pouncing Around

2016-09-14-20-18-50Corduroy, an adorable and handsome 1/2 Maine Coon cat, was born on August 1, 1989 in Central Oregon, which makes him over 27 years old now. He was adopted by Ashley’s family when he was a kitten and she was a young child. Having grown up together, they have been inseparable ever since.

Corduroy first made the guiness world records, as the oldest living cat, in 2014 and reclaimed the title, in May 2016, after the new title-holder Scooter, a 30 year old siamese cat, died. A healthy and active cat, Corduroy is still going strong!

Ashley believes Corduroy’s longevity is due to he’s an indoor/outdoor cat and has his claws, as having hunted outdoors for most of his life

Kitty Sure Is A Tough Toy Tester

I think if cat toy companies used Kitty as a toy tester, then they would really know for sure if their toy was a big hit or not. You can get her attention at first but she may lose interest fast if she doesn’t really enjoy it.

Here is a video of her with one that is usually popular with cats:

She did eventually play with it a little but lost interest soon enough. Maybe it’s an age thing, where the younger cats would have more fun with it or just laziness on Kitty’s part as rather do some birdwatching or something along those lines.

I wonder if she might like the Angry Birds game.

Oh well, I guess just have to try one by one, until find the right toy she really likes.

Oreo The Tabby A Friendly Playful Cat


Oreo, born on January 14, 2016, was a 6 week old kitten when his family adopted him. He settled in very easily into their house and instantly made the place his home.

His owner says Oreo is a super friendly cat who is very talkative and always ready for cuddles. He loves to go outside and play with his friends.

Here are five kitty facts Oreo would like you to know:

  1. I explore the neighborhood with my local cat squad – we know what goes on!
  2. I love to be stroked but I really love it more when my chin is tickled!
  3. I go crazy

What Kind Of Trip Would Be Suitable For Kitty If Were To Take One

After reading in the paper about some sailor guy going to take a solo trip around the world, in his sail boat, it got me thinking. Why would anyone want to take such a risky trip, in the middle of the ocean, in a tiny sailboat and never leaving the water, for any stopovers, the whole time?

I imagined Kitty and I on a boat like that and quickly decided it was a no go for a number of obvious reasons. She doesn’t like water and that would look like the biggest, endless, rippling bathtub she ever seen, not to mention the stormy weather with all the flash and noise, that we would surely face, would frighten her considerably, me too. And if both can’t swim who could save each other

Lexi The Smol Cat With A Big Personality

Lexi was a stray cat, only a few months old, when she was adopted by Jackie’s family and has been a loved member ever since. Now 10 plus years old, she’s still a spring chicken who is always ready to play and chase for her favorite treats.

With her easygoing nature, Lexi is the sweetest cat to have for a companion. She has the prettiest blue eyes, a racoon-like tail and the softest fur you would ever want to pet.

Here’s five kitty facts Lexi would like you to know:

  1.  I love whipped cream and ham – but not

Kitty Trying Some Organic Greens – Find Out If It Was A Hit Or Miss

2016-08-26-22-05-49i have attempted numerous times with various fresh raw vegetables suitable for cats, like broccoli, to see if Kitty might like it. She sniffs at it and then turns her nose, walks away. That is the extent of her vegetable eating attempts . So thankfully in her dry cat food, some vegetables and fruits are processed in it and she loves her natural dry food.

Most cats though do take to grass, and I have caught her nibbling on a plant before. Since she is a finicky eater, I don’t worry that she will eat something wrong not good for her, because she herself won’t.

While I was in the pet store, buying litter, they had a special where, with the purchase of the litter brand I use for

Tiny Kat The Feisty Little Lady Cat

Tiny Kat Instagram
Photo via Tiny Kat Instagram

Tiny Kat was only a few weeks old kitten when she was found abandoned and all alone in the rain, covered with mud, back in Septamber 2014. Her owner Michaela brought her home, cleaned her up, and she’s been part of the family ever since, which includes other cats and dogs, who were rescued like her. She sometimes even acts like a dog thanks to her canine teachers!

Her breed, as far as her owner knows, is a long hair domestic cat with possibly a little persian. A beautiful feisty lady cat that you surely will like and want to know more!

Tiny Kat’s favorite place is in the kitchen. Wonder why? For a wide variety of food that she is always hungry for, of course. A pint sized