Keeping Kitty Healthy With A Natural Holistic Diet

cat-bowl-1322784Kitty, since she was little, never took to wet food. She would starve than eat it. Probably it’s due to that it doesn’t stay fresh and spoils easily, not to mention can give a bad smell too. Maybe she didn’t like the texture either. She likes dry food and always has.

A lot of the commercial brands have unnecessary fillers and ingredients that isn’t needed in a cat’s diet. The first ingredient should always be real meat and what it should contain the most of. A couple years ago, she was gaining a bit of weight and getting sluggish. The dry food brand she was on wasn’t really doing her the good, as it should have, because she was consuming more to get

Kitty Finds Her Way Home – How This Scaredy Cat Found Her Home From A Distance Away

IMG_20160809_115112When Kitty was lost, she had a disadvantage because she is a scaredy type of cat who doesn’t go to strangers and would likely hide. In this case, she wasn’t going to be easily found to take to a shelter or an animal hospital in order to identify and reunite her with her owner.

She was lost in an area that she had never been before, miles away from home, as never ventured past the front or backyard of her home, and it was on the other side of the river where a bridge had to be crossed or a long way around over freeways with bridges to the city center, which all directions were very noisy with a lot of traffic around.

Prior to the new owner taking her to the new residence, she

Who Needs To Be A Scaredy Cat When You Can Do This…

Kitty sure is funny, if the doorbell rings or any strangers come around, she is the first one to run and hide in her catcave under the stairs or one of her other hiding spots. Jumps at any little unexpected noise too…a true scaredy  cat that’s for sure.  Usually she lets out a cute yawn but when it’s time for the big yawn to come, this is how she looks. Could scare anyone and their dog away…lol.

Maybe should blow up this pic and display in the window as a burglar deterent and have a loud speaker that lets out a roar too…that should do it.

Hello From Kitty – Meow Everyone!

My name is Kitty. I admit I’m a bit of a scaredy cat but I got a little braver after survivng the frightening ordeal I went through when I was lost, injured and near death. What happened was, I was at a really mean cat’s place who made me feel very unwelcome. I got really scared and just wanted to go home so ran away from there.

That cat’s owner had put a collar on me even though I was microchipped. It was very uncomfortable so I tried to take it off and it got stuck, digging into my armpit.

It took some time to find my way home, over 3 months I believe. I didn’t know where it was since I didn’t venture out that way before, only been in my yard, but