Hello From Kitty – Meow Everyone!


My name is Kitty. I admit I’m a bit of a scaredy cat but I got a little braver after survivng the frightening ordeal I went through when I was lost, injured and near death. What happened was, I was at a really mean cat’s place who made me feel very unwelcome. I got really scared and just wanted to go home so ran away from there.

That cat’s owner had put a collar on me even though I was microchipped. It was very uncomfortable so I tried to take it off and it got stuck, digging into my armpit.

It took some time to find my way home, over 3 months I believe. I didn’t know where it was since I didn’t venture out that way before, only been in my yard, but something was leading me in the right direction.

One day, someone found me in their yard as I was trying to get warm under the dryer vent. It was freezing cold outside and a lot of snow around. I just didn’t have the energy to run away as was feeling really weak so it was easy for them to catch me. After they saw that I had a collar stuck under my arm and an open deep wound, they dropped me off at a place where there was a lot of animals including dogs who were so noisy, which scared me, but there were nice people there who took care of me.

Then someone came to pick me up who I recognized right away and was happy to see. She was crying, I don’t know why, but I tried consoling her in case it was about me, by standing up and saying look I’m fine & ready to go home.

I tell you there is nothing like home and I am content where I am. My mom takes good care of me and I wish the same for other pets to have a loving forever home too.

Please, I ask you not to put a collar on your pet on the chance they could get lost, as happened to me, or put one that can easily detach itself should your pet try to take it off. A better idea is to microchip your pet as it will prevent collar injuries like mine and, at the sametime, help in identifying a lost pet to find it’s owner.

It took a long time to heal my underarm injury, and wasn’t easy as it opened up again years later to my mom’s dismay! I’m not sure how it happened, maybe I was itchy and snagged it open when I scratched the area.:)


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