Keeping Kitty Healthy With A Natural Holistic Diet


cat-bowl-1322784Kitty, since she was little, never took to wet food. She would starve than eat it. Probably it’s due to that it doesn’t stay fresh and spoils easily, not to mention can give a bad smell too. Maybe she didn’t like the texture either. She likes dry food and always has.

A lot of the commercial brands have unnecessary fillers and ingredients that isn’t needed in a cat’s diet. The first ingredient should always be real meat and what it should contain the most of. A couple years ago, she was gaining a bit of weight and getting sluggish. The dry food brand she was on wasn’t really doing her the good, as it should have, because she was consuming more to get the nutrients out of it.

I decided it’s time to switch to a more natural one where the first ingredient is real meat and didn’t contain any grain either. After searching around in a popular pet store and couldn’t find the right one, I looked in the natural health aisle of a major grocery store and found the perfect one. I read its ingredients and was happy that it was using high quality SQF certified ingredients, the first one being real fresh meat, and it was grain-free too.


Since she has been on this Holistic Choice Pet Food brand, I found she didn’t need to consume as much and she became a more energized and agile cat like she used to be. What a difference a change in diet can make!

Just like for humans to have a good healthy diet, it applies for pets too. You do have to read labels and make the best choice, and not go for a product just because it’s a famous brand and all the other cats in town eat it too. The main thing is that it has quality ingredients which are going to provide good nutritional benefits, and unfortunately some don’t, including the most popular ones. Especially when a cat is aging, you have to be more aware of what goes in their diet in order to keep them healthy.

Also to the dry food in her diet, I give her fresh cooked meat which she looks forward to. She also gets a few treats too but again they are a healthier choice as I read the ingredients in choosing them.

I watch Kitty’s diet because I love her and care about her health. I want her to stay healthy and enjoy a long life without any major health problems…and she will wholeheartedly agree if the bonus means avoiding the vet!